Nowadays,  technological developments affect every area of ​​life. Development of information technology and computer use implications a significant influence on human life, including in education, science and health, military, research, an so on. Smellie et al.  stated multimedia technology help overcome the lack of time, size and space. so that, for me I strongly believe that interactive media education and multimedia software development course is very important to a country. It is because technology is one of indicator to a developed country.  interactive media education will encourage student to contribute something to their country after their graduate.

More and more companies are turning to the world of computer technology as which has been proved by Rivard (1998). He has conducted surveys with use of interactive media on the construction industry involving six countries, namely New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. The survey was conducted randomly on firms involved

with the construction industry in the countries above. The results showed 92.9% of architecture firms operate using a computer compared with while 91.2% of engineering firms. Only 26.2% contractor that operates using a computer


1) Student mobility

student mobility essential to broaden students’ views on interactive multimedia knowledge from other  country. For example, Universiti Utara Malaysia organized a student mobility program to the University of Philipine. From there, students can gather knowledge whether in terms of technology, management and other learning methods.  By the way,  students are more open-minded  and able to be more creative.

2) Educational technology

Student need to involved as much as possible the actual technology and software such as Autodesk Computer Aided Drawing Release, Autodesk computer design,  tutorial screen, simulation, and exercise.

3) Motivation

Students need to be motivated from an early age, primary and secondary school about the importance of interactive media. It is because Malaysia is still lack of knowledge about technology compared to other county. For example, the Innovation Association should be set up in each school. From there we can pick out the hidden talents of young children.

Subject of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) should  be available at each school, as well as teaching and learning must be improved. Teachers also need to be trained.




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